Friday, June 03, 2011

chloe's christening quilt

I can't believe I thought I could do it. And I also can't believe I actually did it. I realised on Monday night that I wasn't going to be able to get a gift for little Chloe's christening that I would like to give her.

As in, I couldn't really think of anything and the second daughter always misses out on things because there are always loads of hand-me-downs from big sister. So Monday night I thought to myself - I'll make her a quilt. And I went to the stash, pulled out a bunch of pinks and bright sky blues, shuffled them around and thought, yep, there's enough there. Then I googled to see what dimensions I needed to make a cot size quilt (100 x 120cm or 40 x 48inches approx). After that, I got a piece of paper and drew up the design (coins? I think it's called) and worked out my piece sizes.

Much to my husbands annoyance (he was trying to watch Q&A), I finished sewing up the top that night. YAY!

Today, Friday, I finished off the last of the binding.

In between, I went to both Quiltsmith AND Calico and Ivy to get wadding, bias binding (no time for DIY) and a new thimble.

I'm very pleased with myself (can you tell?). I made sure it was clear this was Chloe's very own special quilt especially for her, by quilting her name into it. I've only ever hand quilted, so this time I made sure it was simple enough to finish on time.

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Blogger Suzy said...

It's gorgeous! Especially her name. I can't believe you did it so fast - superquilter!

8:57 pm  

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