Wednesday, November 21, 2007

serious swap goodness

I've been so very lucky recently with the swaps I've participated in. I have been very slack, however, at posting the wonderful stuff here on my blog. If you look at my flickr photos at all - you'll see everything there. I've been finding it so difficult to get my act together posting here as well.

So - my apologies to my wonderful swap partners who've been incredibly thoughtful and generous.

Starting from the most distant swap I haven't posted...

The September Kaleidoswap theme was "back to school" and I was partnered with the organiser Isabelle. I received the most amazing box full of great things - sweets, notebooks, pens, perfumes, games. I absolutely love everything. Isabelle really took notice of all the things I like and dislike and everything was great. I think she has a real talent for choosing gifts for her partners!

I had posted the wrapped parcel of the things I sent her, so here it all is now before I wrapped it. I also tried to make sure I put things together that Isabelle would really enjoy.

Here's a close up of the sterling silver and czech glass beaded earrings I made for her. They seem to go perfectly with one of her favourite necklaces! Perfect!

The next swap I received recently was in the Sweetpea "Something Old/Something New" swap. I was matched up with Julie (aka sewitsforyou). Julie has a shop in Etsy which you must check out too.

The teatowel Julie embroidered for me is so perfect - to the extent that the teapot is eating a DONUT! Wow - I didn't realise my 'Homer'ness' was so evident on the internet...And the buttons are just beautiful! And the embroidery patterns are so cool - in fact I'll be starting a tshirt project today if I get the time.

Here is what I sent to Julie. I must admit that time was an issue for me and I didn't get the time to make something for Julie to post with this. However, I did find the cutest Japanese print fabric, and over did the chocolates to (hopefully) make up for it a bit.

The final swap I am posting today is the "Vintage Christmas Stocking Swap" organised by the wonderful Jo and MaryAnn. Unlike the swaps above, this isn't a direct swap. I was sent a parcel from Beth, who has a really beautiful blog and shop on Etsy.

I was completely in love with the beautiful handcrafted gifts I received from Beth. The style of vintage Beth made for me was (again) just perfect! The Christmas Angel is adorable - and my grandmother was very impressed with her. Here's a photo of all the good stuff.

The stocking is just beautiful.

Here's a peep inside. The fabric lining the stocking is very cool. I wish it was easier to see it/show it!

And finally, the beautiful corsage. I can't wait to wear it! I've decided to wear it to all the Christmas parties and Christmas drinks I go to as well as on Christmas Day.

I have sent my Christmas stocking and goodies off to Cheryl nearly 2 weeks ago. So far it doesn't seem to have arrived. Of course I hate the waiting part - I hope it gets there soon and all OK! Once I've got her confirmation it's there, I'll post photos I took.

Happy Season Swapping everyone!

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Anonymous Storme said...

the stocking is wonderful -- those fabrics are perfect!

5:39 pm  
Anonymous Astrid said...

That's a really fantastic idea for a stocking. I have been looking for an idea along those lines and I'll probably combine it with some embroidery to make some thing totally unique. Thanks for sharing...

12:41 am  
Blogger Cheryl said...

It arrived and is sooo beautiful! We have devoured the candies and I have hidden away the things I didn't want to share with my girls, so it's good you took pics before you sent it!! hehe! :) Thank you again, Sally! We love it all!

4:37 am  
Blogger pyglet said...

Fantastic swaps!

8:59 pm  

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