Thursday, September 20, 2007


I joined the flickr kaleido-swap this month and the theme is "Back to School".

Kaleido-swap is cool in that you buy your swap partner something in each of 5 categories - beauty, drinks, food, animal and surprise. Everyone has to includes details of their likes and dislikes. Good huh?

Anyhoo, I thought this theme sounded cool - but then I realised how difficult it was going to be to get 'school' related items in each of those categories...[sigh]. So, I did my best with it. I've posted a photo of the wrapped bundle on flickr. Soon the innards will be on display...once it arrives safely in Paris!

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Blogger Pearl Maple said...

Yumm O !
You have the most delicious recipes on your blog and enjoy seeing a bit of Australian culture. Green & Black's is my new fav chocolate.

Looking forward to seeing what you get up to with the Vintage Stocking Swap.

8:24 am  

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