Friday, July 06, 2007

Quotes to remember

I'm BACK! Turkey is a great country to visit - I highly recommend it. Paul and I had an amazing trip for 4 weeks - everything was great. I'm hoping to post my travel journal and photos over the next month or so.

These quotes bring back funny memories for me. If anyone is reading I have no doubt you won't find it as funny as me, unless you were there too.

Yelled by Matt over the outboard motor in the boat on the clear, star filled evening on the way to the Smugglers Inn.

2. "I smell human body"
Said by a Mexican guy on an overcrowded, overheated, under air conditioned mini bus from Olympus to the highway.

3. "Aye, thus ud be argghhhh ship!"
Yelled by Brad at 2am (waking the 4 sleeping Poms) over the outboard motor in the boat returning to our gullet (boat/yacht) from Smugglers Inn.

4. "I blame your arse"
Adam blamed poor Rebecca's arse, which was suffering from the effects of Turkey belly for missing a day tour.

5. Rebecca: "Is my hair getting in your face?"
Me: "No, but your arse is getting on my hands"
Yelled conversation between Rebecca and myself whilst screaming around the bay on a BANANA.

If I can remember any more I'll add them in later. Sorry your arse is such a feature in this post Rebecca. Photos to come soon. Promise.

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Anonymous MissMeshell said...

You owe me a new laptop screen! *wipes tea off* =)

12:02 pm  
Blogger Peta said...

Sounds like a fun holiday with lots of ass memories :)

1:38 pm  

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