Wednesday, April 11, 2007

where my shoes come from

Due to overwhelming public demand (2 comments - good enough for me) I am going to disclose the shops where I bought my SHUUUZ. In no particular order...

These are by a brand called Alino. I bought these in Perth from a shop in an arcade. My mum would have loved every pair of shoes in this shop. I just did a google search for them but couldn't find anything.

This pair is from another shop in a Perth arcade. This shop was called Shoeinc. They had the most funky gorgeous shoes. My sister would have loved every pair. I can't find them through searching either! They had this shoe with a tan background too. I was very tempted, but thought they'd get dirty too quickly.

This last pair is from Unique Shoes in Melbourne. I always buy shoes from here on my trips to Melbourne. They have shops all over - Balaclava, Chapel St Windsor, etc.

Peta in Perth is my current swap partner - maybe you could help with details on the Perth shoe shops?

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Blogger Peta said...

Would love to help but the shops where you bought these from are too expensive for me! All those arcade shoe shops are little boutique one offs. You might get somewhere if you do a google search for the label.

12:33 am  

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