Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Swap parcel extravaganza!!!

Yesterday I got home from work to find...
1. a large parcel from Kristen stuffed behind our stone house number

Can you see all the amazing things I received? It's awesome! I love it all - and even used the bag today. It got many compliments...


2. a fat parcel in the letterbox full of goodies from the oh-so-charming valentine ATC swap organised by the AMAZING and GENEROUS Mary Ann

Look at all the fantastic ATC's the were chosen for me! I got lucky - not to mention all the other things that were included in the post. I had no idea they were going to go to so much trouble. It was so wonderful to receive both these parcels.

Do I feel special? Yes, I do!

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Anonymous firstborn said...

yay!!!!!!!! so glad that you are enjoying your goodies!!! & lucky you to get 2 parcels in one day! beautiful stuff!

the pleasure was completely mine!

mary ann xo

10:14 pm  

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