Friday, February 02, 2007

I love rice pudding

...and all versions of it that I have tried so far....mmmm. Just had a tub (150g) of sticky black rice pudding with coconut cream. Please don't ask me about how my new diet is going.

Friggin unbelievable NEWS. GREAT news! I received a parcel from Sara. We exchanged some emails last year about it - it was postmarked 27th October 2006 and I got it on 31st January 2007. Ripped open and re-sealed with 'inspected' tape - yet again. With a brochure inside telling me that Australian customs had searched my parcel because they thought there was something suss inside, but didn't take anything because THERE WASN'T ANYTHING SUSS. Crafty people are victimised! Of course she's not stashing ice or coke inside the lovely craft magazine, or injecting something noxious into the m&m's that were a sweet addition and total surprise.

The parcel was worth the wait! Sara sent me such a lovely bundle of stuff, it's really made me feel bad for my general grumbling late last year, when I was feeling sorry for myself...

This pic shows inside the cute craft book AlternaCrafts. You can get it at Amazon here.

Here's the entire loot. I had to wait for a few days for time and light to take this photo - please note the mints were not eaten and the m&m packet is still sealed and full at time of photo (I can't necessarily say that's still the case). Again, don't mention the diet, please. I love the little crochet booklet, and this is my second copy of readymade magazine. Nice.

Turning to crafty inspiration, I just logged into google reader tonight after not looking all week - there's over 100 posts to read - lordy doody. I looked at a couple though. I can recommend checking out the instructions for gorgeous trim boxes here and look at all of Geninne's wonderful hand carved stamps here.

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Blogger flanthrower said...

I'm so glad you got everything! Darn customs. I hope you enjoy the books/magazines and look forward to seeing pictures of any projects ideas you get from them.

2:12 am  

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