Wednesday, February 14, 2007


AND Happy Birthday DAD! - who's not going out for dinner tonight to celebrate, because as he says - it's always a bum fight on Valentine's Day. Dad says that all the time, but now that I see it in writing - what the hell does it mean??

Back on the 4th Feb, I said I was going to post out a litte thank you surprise to an unexpected person, right? Well, I ended up getting to the post office finally TODAY. just 10 days later than expected. I think I'm going to send out a couple more of those - spread some good swap karma around and all.



Blogger katie said...

i always thought it was 'bun fight' as in - throwing a lot of buns around - I've benn saying that all my life - bun fight?

8:41 am  
Blogger flanthrower said...

Thank for the surprise! I love everything you sent and it really brightened up my day.

10:46 am  
Blogger Sarah and Jack said...

Heh, that heart is totally cool.

12:49 pm  

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