Sunday, January 07, 2007

Photo Journal - coastal walk

After many years living right on the #370 bus route, today we finally caught it all the way to Coogee Beach. It was hot (I was wearing jeans) but it was quite cloudy and overcast. We had a beautiful walk, and I'm sure I annoyed Paul by stopping every few minutes to take photos. Oh well. He's used to it by now. Here's some nice ones.
A recent memorial built at Coogee for Bali bombing victims. A lot were Coogee locals.

A shrine that has developed for the spot where the Virgin Mary was appearing on a fence post at sunset for a couple of weeks 2 or 3 years ago. An article about it is here and here.
Down at the Coogee Baths, the surf was pretty dangerous and wild.
Wouldn't it be nice to live along here...You can see the air is thick with seaspray.
Snorkelling down at Gordon Bay.

Some of the many lifesavers on duty at Clovelly Beach.
Isn't it gorgeous? Next time I'm definitely taking the cozzies for a dip in the ocean pool.

The best place on earth to be laid to rest. Waverly Cemetery. Apparently Henry Lawson is buried here and Helen Keller...(I overheard a mother telling her 7 year old son)..
Approaching Bronte. Gorgeous expensive homes.
I'd call these little picnic huts funky. And that would be a good thing. An American friend of mine uses the word funky to mean something bad. Shame shame. Such a waste of a funky word. This is at Bronte Beach.
I've got a whole photo set with lots of photos from today over in my flickr account right here.

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Anonymous Laura said...

Lovely to see some water and beach! That ocean pool looks like so much fun (and no sharks). I use the word funky to mean a little odd but in a cool way. I understand that it can also mean moldy, smelly, etc. but here in America, I think funky is usually a positive thing. Might depend on where you are from in America though! And what do we know anyway?

4:51 am  

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