Sunday, January 21, 2007

food and craft

Yesterday I visited Babycakes by Renee in Summer Hill. Ooooh - yummo! I've been wanting to visit there after first trying her signature strawberry mud cakes (above) at a work morning tea. And also after reading there review by Helen at Grab your forksome time ago, here.

I went with 2 friends, and we ordered 2 dozen ($19) with me taking the leftovers home for family. (There weren't that many left over - oh my groaning stomach.) Don't judge me because I love cake.




white chocolate mud


Yep - see it and weep peoples. These are the 5 cakes I ate yesterday morning, washing them down with an iced chocolate (with just a little bit of cream on top). In no particular order.....I loved the peppermint and white chocolate mud cakes best. Jaffa and marbled were also good. Banana was fine - nothing to complain about, but I don't think banana cake is ever as good as banana bread. Hmm, banana bread...

I also had the terrible task of choosing which cakes to order for Jax's farewell morning tea this week at work on Wednesday. 70 cakes, excellent, but what flavours! My friends started to get shitty with me for taking too long to decide (hi girls!) so under the pressure of it all I can't remember what I ordered! I know I got 5 flavours - strawberry, white chocolate, caramel, lemon poppy seed - I hope the last one I chose was choc/peppermint. Oh well.

In other breaking news, I finished and sent off my valentine atc's for the oh-so charming valentine swap being organised by Mary Ann. These are the first 2 I made. They have a little message written on the back of the tags.

I came up with a completely different idea for the next 2. I used the heart envelope design by Martha Stewart, found here.

Inside are 3 little pictures of things I love. One envelope has foot rubs, red toenails and pretty shoes. The other has coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon and hot chocolate in the evening. There are some photos of these over at my Flickr.

I'm having heaps of fun reading through hundreds of blogs and posts now I have my feed thingy set up. It's great - but I can't keep up with it. I also still struggle to post my own stuff - partly because I don't do that much to blog, partly because it always takes so long, even to do a simple one. I really appreciate all the comments people make, but can't find a way to retrieve someone's email address so I can reply as typepad people always do. So thanks for stopping by (and reading to the end). It's very motivational!

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Blogger Laurie said...

yum, yum,yum.

Love the valentines!

4:51 pm  
Blogger jennpal said...

HI there, I just found your site and have to say those cupcakes looks delicious and your coastal photos are gorgeous!

10:16 am  

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