Thursday, December 21, 2006

[sigh] poor me...

At the beginning of the month, I was so looking forward to what was going to arrive in the post over the coming weeks. Lots of parcels were due (or overdue) to arrive to me. Yippee! But for so many different reasons I didn't receive most of them.

oh dear.

Things I was hoping to get by now include - 2 parcels with embroidered tea towels from the swap-bot swap from months ago...only 1 from 3 expected parcels ever arrived. I never received a bundle for the old christmas card swap also on swap-bot - only a RUDE response from the person I rated as not sending me anything, who never denied not sending anything, mind you. Another swap-bot yet to arrive is the craft book and magazine swap, which is apparently on route via ship. I thought it should have arrived by now, and finally (I think) is my new diary inserts from Japan - which I know were being chosen and bought late last night, because I got a phone call to check exactly what size I need. I'm not worried about that not arriving, so it's just a matter of being a little patient a little longer....

I was SO EXCITED to get a fantastic box from Jo in the handmade holiday swap - which I blogged about already. I'm still enjoying the cookies and admiring the decorations I've put around the house. I got the good news that Jo's parcel arrived safe and sound too, so I can finally post her pictures here as well. (at the bottom)

I was also really really happy to receive a beautiful parcel from Shirra in the pincushion swap. I received some gorgeous soap and yarn in addition to the cute pin cushion.

Neither of these were through swap-bot, so as you might have already guessed, I've gone cold on the swap-bot for a while. I had read about other people feeling this way, but I was determined to give it a go anyway. I might go back next year, but I think I'll be pretty picky. Maybe I'll try and organise my own - and be really picky about who can join...I am definitely finding doing swaps organised by lovely people through their blogs, or flickr to be more reliable so far. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has opinions on this? I love swapping - it's a new hobby - and I'm not ready to give it up! I'm also thinking about getting a PO box next year too. Then I'll feel confident that boxes or parcels aren't being nicked off our front step.

hmmm. enough mopey. This is about stuff I like. If I want to bitch, I should just create a new blog. Ha, it would probably be quite active sometimes.

So, now I get to post the photos of Jo's needlecase. She 'hearts hearts', so I made her a needlecase with as many hearts as I could muster. I was a little disappointed I couldn't find some better heart buttons. But as we know - spotlight is crap. It did turn out pretty well (I think), and I love the stripey cotton lining (onya spotlight - sometimes).

The whole stash.


Anonymous littlemissmeshell said...

Oh the needlecase is GORGEOUS! Just wonderful =)

I'm like you...VERY sad at Australia Post, I've only received one out of eight Christmas packages and they were all sent to me well ahead of time...I think customs is playing with our presents! I think I'm going to go crazy tomorrow if they don't come =P

I've had a look at swapbot and I think it feels a bit impersonal. I love swaps on Craftster and blogs...I've only been flaked on once (in a Craftster one) and got a lovely angel who sent me a makeup package, and once when someone emailed me wanting to swap 10 postcards and then never sent me any =P

Yay for reliable swappers! =)


8:32 pm  
Anonymous laurie said...

Your needle book is adorable!

I've heard so many people having trouble with swap bot swaps. It's a shame.

2:20 am  
Anonymous Jackie said...

The needlebook is wonderful!! The whole package looks so lovely! I've had some bad luck on swap-bot too. I think I'll take a break from swapping for a while and then only do them through blogs. Have a very happy holiday and all the best for the new year!!

3:30 pm  
Blogger maggiegracecreates said...

Sally - I received one of you beautiful towels from the swap-bot swap thank you so much. If you will kindly send me an email - I would love to send you one back - maybe this can help offset the crap feeling that swap-bot gives at times. I too have been burned. Email is
teresa atkinson

3:13 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I'm sorry that you haven't received the books yet! The U.S. Post assured me that it would take at most 6 weeks. I must've sent it at least 7 or 8 weeks ago? Keep me posted.

4:27 am  
Anonymous ellia said...

i finally put two and two together- i know you from flickr :D hehe

and yeah, i feel ya on swap-bot... i never joined it because of the bad reviews i heard

i like setting up my own swap so i can get to know the others... and those who are consistently late are paired with others who are too... i really find it rude to have a due date for a swap, and then not get it til well after a month!!! but now, i am behind on two so maybe i am a hypocrite!? still, if ya gonna be late, you email the person, ya know?! let them know how sincere you are... with all the swaps i do on the side, i rarely even get to join other peoples :( but apl creations has a good one all the time... but smaller swaps where people can monitor who is coming and going, is better and more fun... just my opinion though :)

anyhow, best wishes on receiving your lovely goods!!!!!! and happy new year :D

12:34 pm  

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