Sunday, December 17, 2006

Recipe for my Rocky Road

Mmmmmm. Rocky Road - only at christmas time....

My recipe is pretty easy, cause I just use whole packets of stuff.

3 blocks of the best quality milk chocolate you can get (about 600g) - melted

1 packet macadamia nuts (at least 100g - more would be better)

1 packet mini marshmallows

1 packet Malteasers (165g)

1 box of REAL turkish delight - chopped into smaller bits (I think at least 300g)

a couple of handfuls of shredded coconut

Lay a few of the fillings around your baking tray, and mix nuts, etc through the melted chocolate before spreading it all over the baking tray. Put in the fridge to set and cut into squares with a knife when set.

I don't like cherries, so I made my own's DELICIOUS!

This is it piled into my tupperware container, waiting to go to work with me tomorrow. My little end of year pressie for my workmates.

Other yummy additions would include:

slivered almonds, chopped up peppermint patties, chopped up cherry ripes (if you like cherries), raspberry lollies, sprinkles on top to make it christmassy, white and dark chocolate swirled through (ooh - I wish I'd done that), chopped up tim tams. I think you get the drift.


Blogger gem in sri lanka said...

Yummo, I am getting hungry just looking at the photo! As someone who has tried this recipe I can thoroughly recommend it to others.

Nice blog Sally!


11:22 am  

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