Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Gram!

Today is my grandmother's 85th birthday. She's fantastic. All my craftiness comes from her. Gram has taught me how to crochet, sew and embroider. She's tried just about every type of art or craft there is - and I seem to have caught that gene as well. She's got her own computer and email account - but hasn't started her own blog - yet. So anyway, Happy Birthday Gram! See you at Christmas.

My wonderful swap partner Jo's box arrived on Friday. I wasn't able to collect it until Saturday morning, while trying to help my sister move house on Saturday morning. It was such a cute box, with little labels and notes on the outside, that I had to open it IMMEDIATELY. However, it was covered in nuclear strength packing tape and the sharpest cutting implement I had was a key. Geez, did I break into a sweat trying to open the bloody thing. Hubby stepped in, constantly muttering I should wait until after we'd gotten home, he broke into a sweat as well, but we managed to get it open. Phew. I had so much fun opening all the little pressies, and everything was so sweet and cute. Thank you again Jo. You're a champion.
By the way, the photo is incomplete, because there was a delicious box of Hershey's white chocolate cookies as well, that was devoured at the end of the day's moving house. Delicioso!

Thanks to my dear geeky hubby, my blog reading experience was recently revolutionised! Huge call, you may think, but I'm completely un-technologicaly aware. He just help me set up google reader to subscribe to all my favourite blogs. Amazing! It saves me so much time going to and fro all the blogs to see if a new post has been left. This does it for you automatically. Sorry, I'm probably telling people how to suck eggs, but maybe there's others out there as ignorant as me. maybe.


On the weekend I finally baked the chrissy cakes. The recipe I use was from an Australian Women's Weekly magazine a few years back. I'm not always a fruit cake fan, but the word CHOCOLATE stood out amongst the other string of lovely words they used to describe this cake: *Super Rich Chocolate Drambuie Cake*. I can't find fault with one word in that. The recipe makes one big cake (23cm)

And 6 texas muffin sized cakes. Mmmm

I seem to be big on food, and few on craft at the moment. I *have* been crafting though. Some stuff is still secret because it hasn't arrived at it's destination, or it's for Christmas. I guess I'll have lots of made things to post after the new year. Here's a couple of really soft teddy's I've made recently. There seems to be babies everywhere these days, and these are good for tiny bubs. Very soft and no buttons. They're so cute! I like how the blue one looks scared. It will probably be an appropriate expression if a baby is sucking on his ear or something.


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