Wednesday, December 13, 2006

4 things

I've been personally invited, well, when I say 'personally', I mean Claudine from knitting box said..

"If you haven't done this yet and would like to, go for it, I'd love to know more about you. Consider yourself tagged!",

so I am.

4 things...

4 jobs I've had

- babysitter

- retail assistant

- potato peeler (lab assistant)

- translator

4 movies I could watch over and over

- 16 candles

- pretty in pink

- chocolat

- pride and prejudice (the new one)

4 places I have lived (apart from where I am now

- Tamworth

- Sasebo

- Kumamoto

- San Francisco

4 tv shows I love

- medium

- deal or no deal

- amazing race

- house

4 places I've been for vacation

- great barrier reef

- london

- ko phi phi

- mudgee

4 websites I visit daily

- gmail

- flickr

- google reader

- smh

4 favourite foods

- donuts

- sashimi

- avocado

- mushrooms

4 places I'd rather be

- bed (it's late for me...)

- canada visiting Shannon

- japan visiting Ayumi

- melbourne going shopping (tomorrow)

4 people I'm tagging

gosh - I really don't know that many bloggers, so if you've not done it either - please consider yourself tagged! (and let me know so I can go and read them!)


Anonymous claudine said...

Mmm... I love sashimi and donuts too! Yumm!

4:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I feel honoured to be on your list! You guys are welcome here any time.

8:26 am  

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