Monday, November 06, 2006

It's meant to look like that

Ahh, dear. I'm really very pleased with myself. I used patterns from a Japanese craft book I own and made 2 different bags. One is a reversible bag, with the handle sporting a raw edge. I used it today (and yesterday) and felt I had to explain to everyone that "it's meant to look like that". Just because I made it myself and didn't buy it from a shop. People tend to think that I just haven't quite finished it off. Not my sister though, who thinks it looks quite fab.

Just to show what a 'real' one is supposed to look like, this is the sample one in the craft book. Isn't it gorgeous. I added creative license with the addition of a pocket on the 'inside',

This is it next to the other bag I made. I couldn't get a decent photo of it unfortunately.

Likewise with the book sample, I couldn't get a decent photo of it either. I made a little variation on this by making a fabric strap rather then a crocheted strap. I'm really looking forward to making more now. They turned out better than I could have hoped for really.

I have to finish this with a photo I took last Friday in the main quad on campus (where I work). The Jacaranda is in full bloom and looks magnificent. The campus is absolutely at it's best this time of year. The rain over the weekend has really made lots of the flowers drop, so it's almost all over for another year.


Anonymous Jackie said...

You're lucky to work in such a lovely place! Your bags are wonderful! I love the giant polka dots!!

1:59 am  
Blogger flanthrower said...

Oh I love both bags! Especially the polka dotted one. Aren't Japanese craft books fantastic?!

12:59 am  

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