Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I wish it was winter

Sorry to everyone in the northern hemisphere who is thinking the exact opposite to that thought, but I was not made for the heat. It was about 35 degrees today (celcius) and our aircon at work has broken down again, so it was stuffy and hot all day.

I'm hanging out for airconditioning man to call me this week to say that our delayed reverse-cycle airconditioning unit for home is off the ship and ready to install at home. It's my chrissy present from hubby! (He knows I won't quit bugging him til he caves anyway, so he's kindly relented before the real heat sets in (and the waiting time for installation grows by weeks).

OK enough whinging. I have other more important things to post about. Firstly - we had a bbq on the weekend (kind of for hubby's birthday, and kind of to celebrate a partially renovated courtyard). I made a few things - the most spectacular being my decorated PAVLOVA - topped with double cream, mango slices, lychees and fresh raspberries. YUMMO. But I didn't get a chance to take a photo! I was finishing it off when the first guests started to arrive. I did get a photo of a new tomato salad recipe I tried. Looked pretty good and was dead easy to make:

900g vine ripened tomatoes, sliced thick

200g marinated mixed olives

60g fresh Greek feta cheese

arrange the tomatoes starting from the outside edge and work your way in. sprinkle over the olives and the marinating oil. Then crumble over the feta in the middle area.

I've also been working madly to make a special pressie for Jo, my partner in the Handmade Holiday Swap over at gingillo. Jo's already been peeking at Flickr! She's not going to see any more than this until the parcle arrives on her cute doorstep!

I'm going to end this post with a photo of one of my favourite things - op shop finds! I've gotten right back into it recently, inspired by all these crafty and thrifty bloggers I've been looking at. These are some things I've found lately! I love the 1970 Aussie bird calendar tea towel I found recently (in the middle). It's brand new with original shop tag and everything. I'm waiting for the perfect swap opportunity for it. Contact me if you want to do a direct opshopswap...


Blogger Shanathalas said...

You should be here - its currently -5, all snow on the ground and sunny. So beautiful - but my toes are cold.

6:47 am  
Blogger Sally said...

Thanks Shannon! I'm very jealous.

9:41 am  
Anonymous dani (pyglet) said...

Salad looks yummy...wish I saw the pav though sounds even yummier!

I am not built for the heat either but it is even harder when we have the hot-cold-hot-cold that is going on at the moment....weird weather huh?

9:24 am  

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