Sunday, October 08, 2006

Who has the time?

I must admit, I'm finding it tough to keep up with everything I want to do. Although I'm posting pretty regularly (for me) I can't see how long this is going to is fairly quiet at the moment, which is nice for a change, but it means I've got more time (energy) to do this stuff. My other dilema is what to do in the time I have - read all the fantastic blogs I've been finding, search all the groups and contacts on flickr I've discovered, make stuff!, post stuff that I've made - mostly so I can keep in the loop of all the talent and join in with all the cool swaps and other challenges etc. I'm tired thinking about it.

Speaking of swaps - this is the little bundle I wrapped up for the old christmas card swap on swap-bot. I'm looking forward to seeing where I receive old chrissy cards bundle included stickers, tags and cards. Some cards were REALLY old, but not quite vintage - what would you call the 80's? I also included an 'aussie' card I had left over too.

Moving on to finished projects. Ta da! I've got 2! The first is the hanging mobile made for the little nephew yet to arrive. He should be here in no time (a few weeks).

My other finished project is just for something to do, I guess. I found this really lovely frame at Ikea last weekend and thought it would be perfect for a little embroidery project. I can fill my time making these while I work out how embroidering onto tshirts and other stretchy fabrics works. I'm slightly confused by all the posts and info people put onto craftster and our shops, spotlight or lincraft don't have half the stuff that they talk about, so I can't see what the difference is...Anyway, back to the topic of something that I've finished. I really think it turned out pretty good. Hubby thinks so too. He's seen me sitting around making it all week, but when I put it in the frame, he was all "wow, that's really good!" (total surprise). Hmm.

If anyone is reading this and would like to comment, that would be really nice of you. (as long as it's not going to scar me for life).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That little mobile is adorable! That will definitely be something to treasure forever! :)

Don't you love Craftster? It's amazing how many crafty people are out there!

I also love that red tree-like design - I would buy that book too, but I'm knee deep in other crafts! :)

11:19 am  

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