Friday, October 20, 2006

Sleepy Boys

The little fellas are just so cute. I had to take a photo of them last night zonkered on the lounge with dad while we were watching Survivor Cook Islands (Australia is a little behind the US).

Very sleepy OBI-Kun in his favourite squeezy spot in front of the telly.

And my sweet little Haguki.


Blogger Shanathalas said...

How very Cute!!!

3:25 am  
Anonymous Jackie said...

So sweet! I love the little pink tongue sticking out! You've gotta love dogs!

11:06 am  
Anonymous Cynthia said...

Your puppies are so cute!! Hey thanks for stopping by and leaving encouraging words for me, I was afraid it'd sound like I was whining. I love your embroidery work, I'll be sure to stop by now and again for a peek!!

2:38 pm  

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