Sunday, October 29, 2006

Eating in the A.M.

There's been lots of lovely food occasions in the last week. First was on Wednesday. Work hosted a pink morning tea to raise money for breast cancer research. Lots of people in the office took something along for morning tea and everyone who attended was asked to donate a minimum gold coin. I wanted to do something both pink and breast related and thought up these little pink boobies. They are just marshamallows with melted white chocolate (with pink tint) dunked on their tops and little pieces of musk placed on top.

I was shocked at how realistic they turned out though - OOPS! Luckily everyone thought they were funny though. They all got eaten too (mostly by the women I think). I didn't even get to try one! The morning tea raised over $500, which is a great effort.

The little cakes in the big white box were THE BEST. I discovered they were bought from a local cake shop called Babycakes. Her website isn't the best yet, but she can be forgiven as her talent is obviously baking. They were little strawberry mud cakes. Yummo!

Quite a good spread, don't you think? You can see the boobies on the table. Looking dodgy. The huge tray of bikkies at the front are special pink ribbon day Tim Tams with a pink centre.

My other yummy food morning was this morning. We had some frinds over for brunch. I made crepes last night and roasted up capsicum, eggplant and tomatoes. I also baked a beautiful ricotta cheese (a recipe I learned recently) and then last night I also baked a really yummy blood orange marmalade and yoghurt cake (from the September issue of delicious. The cover this month is a chocolate crepe cake. OMIGOD. I'm dying to have an excuse to try that one.

The weather was lovely - although a little bit cool. The weather is generally all over the shop at the moment. I had to include this photo because the boys look so cute under the table.

Lovely food. Choco-banana crepes are my favourite!


Anonymous dani (pyglet) said...

All that food and those cakes look delicious. The post had me drooling! (yummm!)

8:31 am  

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