Saturday, September 30, 2006


I couldn't walk past these beautiful sweetpeas the other day. They have the slightest hint of pink and they smell divine! Standing next to them is my beautiful lady that grandma made a few years ago. She painted her and hand sewed the beaded skirt, which you can't see properly, but it's gorgeous. She later discovered she had cateracts in her eyes (which has now been corrected) - yet she still managed to make such beautiful work.

This is my WIP. I now have 5 vehicles (a car is separate) embroidered and ready for making into little stuffed thingos. The thingos will be transformed into a hanging mobile. This will be a gift for my soon to arrive, very first ever nephew!

Here's a close up of the police car...

All of which was started because mummy drives an ambulance (and daddy used to drive a truck). The drawings I did freehand but was inspired by drawings I saw here on the web at Richard Neuman Prints. I'm sure I'll post the finished object sometime soon...


Blogger maggiegracecreates said...

these are so cute. I may have to steal the concept for a baby girls gift to come.

thanks for visiting me.

Please come back again.

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