Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tea towels are a go

I'm on track with the swap thingo. My 3 tea towels are all stitched up. They're laying about in different parts of the house at the moment. My 3 swappees are located in the US and UK...so it will be interesting to see how much it costs for postage. Shouldn't be too bad. I'm looking forward to wrapping them all pretty and sending them off.

The beanie went last week. According to that swap, not everyone has sent their beanie yet and the send by date was September 10. Been and gone baby....what's the deal with that, I wonder? Here's the bundle I sent..

Oh, OK I might as well post the picture of what was inside as well. It's very unlikely that the recipient will see this before they receive the parcel anyway. I guess it should be there in the next few days. It was sent to a swappee in NY state.

Not the greatest wrapping, but I was quite rushed. It's OK. I sent 2 beanies though, cause I couldn't decide which one would be better. The sizes are quite different too, so again, I wasn't sure which one would be a better fit for my person. Anyway, it christened me into swapping. I must admit that I am hanging out to receive my first parcel...hurry up beanie!


Blogger Cassandra said...

Hi Sally,
it's Cassandra from New York. I received my beanie swap package today with 2 beanies. You are so kind. Thank you.
Looking forward to wearing these.

2:16 am  
Blogger Sally said...

Thanks Cassandra. I hope they are OK.

10:18 am  

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