Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Heaps of stuff

I had trouble getting into blogger yesterday, when I had more energy and actually was in the mood for posting stuff. Tonight I'm a bit tired...but I'm here anyway. I'm still working on getting our money back from the disasterous concert in newcastle, but the online booking company seem quite OK so far.

I recently found some photos and information about PINCUSHIONS. Very high tech stuff, I assure you. I've read through some tutorials and made my first pincushion the other day to submit to the Pincushion Challenge. It's a recycled theme, and hopefully by submitting a photo of my attempt, I can qualify to join the pincushion swap happening next month! YAY! More swaps. Here's my pincushion. Isn't it cute?

Last week or so I sent off all the tea towels I embroidered for the tea towel swap on swap-bot. I tried to wrap them nicely

but then I had to squish them into the envelopes anyway...This first photo is of the last one that I finished. It was for a person who said she liked coffee/tea/food type images. I hope she likes this.

The banner was inspired by Floresita who has embroidered many beautiful banners. The next one I finished first in Berry. I received an email today to say that it had arrived, which is great.

Seems like it was a hit, so I'm very relieved - she did say she's like flowers (and was easy to please). The last one was made to go into a vintage/old style home. I started in the cottage in Berry and felt that although it's not traditionally 'old', it still had a vintage feel to it. Hope she likes it!

It's actually my favourite, so it was hard to give away...

Last photo for today is me proudly showing off my tea bags that I received in the tea bag swap. Unfortunately Australian Quarantine got to 2 of the parcels and confiscated ALL the teabags from one of the parcels...Oh well. I'm glad I got some at all in the end.

Thanks to everyone who sent me tea!


Blogger maggiegracecreates said...

I got mine yesterday. I Love - Love- Love it. I will post a photo quickly on my blog. THank you so much. How many hours did it take for all that satin stitch?????

Again - thank you so much.

Teresa A.

10:36 pm  
Anonymous Jackie said...

Those tea towels are incredible! You are really creative! Where did you find those great striped towels? They show your designs off beautifully!

9:53 am  
Blogger Sally said...

Gee, thanks Jackie! I'm blushing.... These vintagey looking teatowels aren't too hard to find from homewares shops around me. I got these ones in Berry, NSW.

Maggie, the satin stitch actually didn't take too long..I'm not that fast a stitcher, but you get into a rhythm and all that...

9:59 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, those towels are just gorgeous! I love how creative you were with the placement of your embroidery... and that little banner rocks! Doesn't everything look better in a banner? Thanks Jenny Hart for teaching me that... :)

12:05 am  

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